green vegetable soup

4 months ago I was holiday-ing with my family in a beautiful town on the west coast of Italy: Sorrento. The gateway to the Amalfi Coast. The holiday was, truthfully, a foodie dream come true. Every single day I was greeted with the sight of bountiful market vegetables on the street stalls and consumed plenty of freshly baked bread, pasta, … More green vegetable soup

celebrating: hummingbird cake with coconut frosting

Last week was one heck of a ride; packed full of celebrations, nervousness and achievements. Thursday was results day for AS and A2 students, meaning I was just one amongst the masses of highly strung students apprehensively awaiting the opening of those little fate-containing envelopes. I’m proud to say I opened mine to be greeted with A grades … More celebrating: hummingbird cake with coconut frosting

green tofu laksa

I have a neat white scar on my left forefinger; thin and twisting across my pink skin. I got this scar the Saturday before Christmas Day, in 2012. I was carving into a sheet of lino to make a print for Valentines cards and I ended up slipping; slicing into my finger with a single … More green tofu laksa