mango spinach juice (without a juicer)

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I’m currently a couple of days into my internship with the fab people over at We Can Creative in these two weeks I have left before I go back to school to start work on my A2 courses. I’m having a fantastic experience; learning lots every day, pushing the boundaries of my creative mind and getting completely immersed in the brief I’ve been given.

To start my mornings off so that I’m energised and ready for the busy day I’ve been enjoying a big green juice alongside my daily breakfast instead of the usual cup of tea or coffee. Ok, I lie. In addition to the usual cup of tea or coffee; I’m not giving up my morning dose of caffeine just yet.

I am, however, hopping on the green juice bandwagon and I’m not getting off.


My parents’ big scary juicer leaves me cowering in the corner of my kitchen (but really, I just can’t stand cleaning the thing) so I turned to alternative methods of juicing to feed my green juice obsession using my trusty blender and nut-milk bag – though any sieve or ‘mesh’ would work just as well.

Drinks comprised of leafy greens and vegetables seem to be everywhere these days; be it supermarket shelves, juice bars or Instagram. Search for the hashtag #greenjuice and be amazed at the vastitude of the green stuff.

IMG_2399 Drinking a glass of green juice isn’t quite as good as eating the greens and vegetables in full form – you’ll benefit from the minerals and vitamins but not the fibre. Despite this, juicing greens is a great way to oxygenate our bodies, releasing any stored toxins, improving blood circulation and giving us that desired energy boost in the mornings. I’ll drink to that. Bottoms up!



  • A large handful baby spinach
  • 1 stalk celery
  • 1 mango
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • 1 apple, cored and diced
  • 2 tsp ground ginger
  • 500ml almond milk or water
  • 1 tbsp cold pressed, raw coconut oil
  1. In a blender, puree all of the ingredients together until smooth.
  2. Using a sieve, nut-milk bag or cotton mesh, strain the liquid into two glasses and drink.



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