Sorrento, part one

At 2.15am on Friday morning, with a mere hour of sleep, I was awoken by my mother who excitedly informed me that it was time to go. We were jetting off to Naples, Italy where we would then proceed to our final destination Sorrento, situated on the picturesque Amalfi Coast. A hassle-free breeze through Departures was followed by a leisurely 5 o’clock breakfast consisting of porridge with fresh fruit, honey & toasted pumpkin seeds for myself and eggs & bacon on toast for the rest of my family. Accompanied, of course, by a flat white to bring a little bit of vitality into my bleary-eyed self. Not overly shabby for an airport breakfast.

Our flight was comfortable and pleasant. The two hour lay-over to Sorrento from Naples didn’t bother me in the slightest due to my nose being pressed up against the taxi window for most of the journey in order to fully absorb our stunning surroundings. We arrived at our hotel around lunchtime and subsequent to unpacking our cases, ventured out into the sun-drenched city to find some lunch.



Sorrento, AKA the gateway to the Amalfi Coast. Sea views, vibrant buildings, authentic Italian al fresco cuisine – simply charming. Between the abundance of cobblestone alleys, exquisite old churches and cute little shops – there is a myriad of stalls devoted to lemon paraphernalia. Lemon soap, lemon pasta, lemon perfume, lemon-motifed ceramics, lemon gelato and, needless to say, Limoncello. We’ve already bought a litre bottle between us and it’s become tradition for a little tipple before bedtime…


We stumbled upon a quaint restaurant situated above a local produce store called The Garden. On a terrace over-looking the historical centre of Sorrento and Wisteria flowers hanging on the canopy above our table, we tucked in to our first Italian feast. They were the best pizzas any of us had ever eaten. The prosecco wasn’t too bad, either…

Day two greeted us with sunshine and a clear view of Mountain Vesuvius.



We took a long, leisurely stroll through the old part of Sorrento down to the marina after breakfast. We purchased a punnet of fresh strawberries on our adventure from a lovely lady’s fruit and vegetables stall, although these were mostly gobbled down by my sneaky younger sister!

A quick pitstop at the marina had me consuming possibly the worst cappuccino I’ve ever tasted. In Italy. Oh well – life goes on.


veg After forcing down the milky-mild coffee, we roamed through the streets and dad surprised me, taking us to the only fully Vegan/Vegetarian restaurant in the whole of Sorrento. My sister’s frown (Vegan fare isn’t quite to her fancy) disappeared upon spotting the spelt gnocchi on the menu. I had a vegan spelt calzone with a bountiful portion of grilled vegetables in olive oil. A wonderful lunch, followed by pistachio gelato under the midday sun.




Today has been predominantly a working day. Rain was forecast (but never came…) so my sister and I revised all morning in the hotel. Revision on holiday just doesn’t feel right, but my final AS exams are now only a month away. When did that happen?

The sun exposed itself and all the grey, looming clouds seemed to disappear around noon. My sister and I pounced on the opportunity to abandon our books and we all went out for lunch – which turned out to be a lamentable excuse of a Mariana pizza. Not great. To compensate, two cups of gelato (each – for me; pistachio followed by coffee) was quite sufficient. Gelato has morphed into it’s own food group here which I’m definitely not complaining about…

More updates to come over the next week that I’m staying here. For now, I’ll leave you with the Sorrento sunset.



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