Today my dad and I took a train into London to attend the London Coffee Festival. We went together last year too – both of us being coffee enthusiasts –  but this year, I’d say, was even better.

Upon entering the Old Truman Brewery, coffee-heaven was our oyster for 3 hours. Animated coffee aficionados bumped into one another with no need for apology, everyone high on a caffeine cloud, weaving their way through artisan coffee and food stalls, chocolate & ice-cream tastings, expositions from talented baristas, workshops, a bar serving coffee-based cocktails, a display of live music and art made from – you guessed it – coffee.

It was 1:15 and I hadn’t even eaten breakfast (I know, I know) so we headed straight for the street food section. Overwhelmed would be an understatement; we inhaled the mouth-watering aroma of an array of street food flavours, ranging from authentic Indian cuisine to Moroccan & Lebanese. Lunching attendees all sat in the centre of the food market buzz, tucking into their pulled-pork & beetroot dhal wraps, pearl barley sushi, hog roast, handmade dumplings and fried risotto balls. My dad’s eyes were immediately drawn to the Rola Wala stall but after much deliberation, I opted for a falafel wrap from Maison Touareg which was possibly the best thing I’ve eaten in months. I left, fuelled up and with a full belly, ready to explore aforementioned coffee-heaven.

We wandered through the Artisan Market, absorbing the atmosphere. The Saigon Coffee Company, The Original Columbian Coffee Company and many more were brewing using a range of traditional and more modern methods. Upon reaching ‘The Lab Area’ we observed cultured coffee connoisseurs demonstrating various brewing methods such as the Aeropress, V60 and French Press. I’m hankering after a Chemex or a Hario Drip-Pot before I go to University.

Venturing through the ‘Make Decent Coffee Lounge’, we then entered the ‘Soho Zone’. I purchased the new limited edition KeepCup because really, glass is the greatest and who could resist that cork?! Not me, that’s for sure. The Kahlua Coffee House were also hosting a pop-up experience featuring coffee cocktails and my particular favourite: cold-brewed ‘Nude’ – smooth and simple, which I downed with coffee-crank ease.

New this year – Milk & Sugar. A showcase of London’s all-the-rage brands from ‘fashion to design and food’. Of course, Espresso ice-cream from Gelupo was a must despite already testing the stretch in my jeans from all the free chocolate tasting and my incredible lunch. BUT GIVE ME ESPRESSO EVERYTHING.

 It’s hard to condense such a great day into such a short blog post but I had the best time with my dad. Daddy-daughter days may be few and far between but when they happen, they’re magical.



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