This third week of July has been a time for making lots of abstract art, cooking light, summery dinners to enjoy outside on the patio with my family and buying three new vegetarian cookbooks (namely Honestly Healthy, The Modern Vegetarian and The Ultimate Vegetarian Collection) to fuel my ever-growing obsession with all things colourful and hardback. This third week […]


I’m thrilled to announce that my first post as food contributor at ALT Magazine is now live. The dish is seasonal and bursting with the flavours of summer. For the full recipe and more photographs, go see my post on Alt Magazine.


Acorn to oak, caterpillar to butterfly, duckling to swan. All around us the world grows and flourishes, tantamount to the way that people blossom from life challenges and experiences. With open eyes, I can proudly say that I see the world around me in a different light to that of a year ago; whether it be […]


When was the last time someone read to you? Read to you out loud - the only noise beautifully crafted words spilling from their lips? Were you a child tucked away under the sheets in the safety of a bed, in someone’s arms, hanging on to every last word as you slipped into a deep sleep – your […]


The birds outside my bedroom window have been rather vocal of late – particularly in the early hours of the morning. I’m one of those people who, once woken, cannot get back to sleep - but I’ve been enjoying just lying there and simply listening to them sing. I actually finished off this particular poem this morning, […]


I survived my first week back at school – all thanks to copious cups of coffee, mind you. I’m actually enjoying being back, especially now that the weather’s so lovely; it feels rather luxurious to bathe in the sunlight streaming through the Sixth Form gardens. The last month or so will still be jam-packed with hard […]


Friday was the last day of my 2-week internship at We Can Creative. There was cake, lots of coffee and endless creativity. Ideal, really. I’ve had a blast with Denise and Graham who have been great fun, extremely generous and taught me lots of new skills; I’m really sad to see the end of my placement and go back […]


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