Goodness, I’ve neglected this little space of the internet of late. I’m now back in my final year at Sixth Form and trying really hard to keep on top of my work this year so I achieve the grades I know that I deserve. My posts may be sporadic for a little while, but bear […]


Whenever I have the conversation with people about the fact that I’m a vegetarian, 99% of the time the response is “why?” and the other 1% goes something like “Don’t you miss meat? Wait – you still eat bacon.. right?”   I love eating a vegetarian diet: I thrive eating a mostly plant-based, whole foods diet and […]


4 months ago I was holiday-ing with my family in a beautiful town on the west coast of Italy: Sorrento. The gateway to the Amalfi Coast. The holiday was, truthfully, a foodie dream come true. Every single day I was greeted with the sight of bountiful market vegetables on the street stalls and consumed plenty of freshly baked bread, pasta, […]


My second guest post at Alt Magazine is now live! For the full set of photographs and the recipes for coconut milk ice-cream and maple roasted greengages, head on over to my post. Happy reading and ice-cream eating!


Last week was one heck of a ride; packed full of celebrations, nervousness and achievements. Thursday was results day for AS and A2 students, meaning I was just one amongst the masses of highly strung students apprehensively awaiting the opening of those little fate-containing envelopes. I’m proud to say I opened mine to be greeted with A grades […]


I have a neat white scar on my left forefinger; thin and twisting across my pink skin. I got this scar the Saturday before Christmas Day, in 2012. I was carving into a sheet of lino to make a print for Valentines cards and I ended up slipping; slicing into my finger with a single […]


Angel Delight conjures fond childhood memories for me. Fluffy, sweet, creamy and delicious. When I was younger, my aunt introduced me to butterscotch angel delight, much to the disgust of my mum who wasn’t too keen on the pre-packaged instant dessert. I had a very sweet tooth as a child. So sweet, in fact, that I proceeded to […]


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